Though the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is over, Gothamist has been enjoying city rag's photographs from the final night. The win of the "liver-colored" German pointer Ch Kan-Point's VJK Autumn Roses (aka Carlee) was shocking to us, because "liver-colored" doesn't really sound so good, unless it's foie gras. But the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the only awards show where they get to say, "This bitch really deserved to win"...well, the only awards show until Chris Rock hosts the Oscars in a week and a half. Anyway, Gothamist found this NY Times piece almost helpful on why purebred dogs have such crazy names; we say almost because the names are still insane.

And since we can't get away from them, Gothamist will mention The Gates. Again. Two dogs fell through the thin ice on a lake in the north part of Central Park, and a monitor for The Gates saved them by wading into the lake and cutting a hole with one of the metal poles used for the unfurling of The Gates. The NY Times tries to find a lot of coincidences, but Gothamist knows better, after yesterday's cover picture of First Lady Laura Bush walking through The Gates: The Times has Gates fever - here's their other story about the art installation/automatic content generator.

Photograph from city rag