Yesterday Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi kept the shores of Jersey classy by staggering around drunk at 3:30 in the afternoon. The Jersey Shore star was arrested for her antics, which were well-documented since the pint-sized Polizzi is easily recognized at this point (the cameras were also rolling for Season 3 of the show). A little taste of what got her arrested for disorderly conduct below (and TMZ has the arrest video).

Reportedly she was so drunk "she couldn't stand up," and had been drinking with other castmates all day. A bartender at Aztec Ocean Resort says she had "three shots of Patron Tequila and a Long Island Iced Tea" there (and didn't tip!).

The Seaside Heights Borough Administrator told the Star-Ledger, "She was being very disorderly on the beach, bothering other patrons there. When our police went to deal with the situation—not Mike ‘The Situation’—they found they needed to arrest her." She was issued a summons and released around the time J-WOWW announced on her Twitter, "Going to bail @Sn00ki out of jail... The things I do for this girl I swear." More photos of Snooki's snookered adventures at TMZ—but be warned: her skirt isn't always covering all the right places.