We knew the Coen brothers were working on a new project based on the 1960s Greenwich Village folk scene, and now more details have surfaced about the story they'll tell (which is very loosely based on Dave Van Ronk). This week it was revealed the movie will be titled Inside Llewyn Davis (Davis being the Van Ronk character), and Variety reports that the storyline will follow Davis "as he navigates the folk scene in 1960s New York City." Scott Rudin will produce, with Robert Graf as executive producer—the same combo used for both True Grit and No Country for Old Men.

According to /Film the movie may "feature mostly live music from a single instrument, and the script would use naturalistic dialogue to create the feeling of being right there in the world." Here's a real look back at what the Village was like in the '60s (and a slightly more manufacured one).

Since van Ronk helped out Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell when they were just getting started here, let's play the casting game! Who would make a good Coen-ized version of Dylan? Our vote goes to Cate Blanchett.