2007_03_catfood.jpgTwo more big pet-food brands joined the massive pet-food recall announced on Friday. Nestle Purina and Hill's Pet Nutrition voluntarily recalled some of their products. Pet-food manufacturer Menu Foods, which sells food to stores and other brands that then market the food under their own names, has not found out what is causing pets to become ill (10 cats and dogs have died so far), but believes the problem is related to wheat gluten in wet foods.

The NY Times says Menu Foods will compensate owners of pets that died, "although she declined to say what the compensation would be." We're sure that's going to be a pleasant process - many people are murmuring about a class-action lawsuit. And over the weekend, some of our commenters noted what they've seen happening with their pets recently; one suggested that other brands with problems may be revealed later.

Howl 911 (via BARC) has a comprehensive list of all the recalled brands of dog and cat foods. And here's Menu Food's recall information - we hear their recall hotline has been swamped.

Update: A commenter mentioned that Universal Press Syndicate has up-to-date information on Pet Connection, which also has a database where you can report a sick pet.

Update 3/20: The FDA says Menu Foods tested its foods with 40-50 pets and 7 died, yet still waited a few weeks before announcing the recall.