Almost 48 hours ago, Skynet self-activated, and the clock is a'tickin for us humanoids. In the spirit of all things destructive, we started thinking about some other mythical (or are they?) future dates to watch out for, in terms of the fate of humanity. The LA Times has rounded up "Thirteen Sci-Fi Dates That Tell Us To Fear The Future," from 2022—the year that Soylent Green invents a new, uh, foodstuff; to 2013 (coming up!), when Kevin Costner gets totally panned as a post-apocalyptic Postman. A world without email, and some other terrifying harbingers of doom, ahead:

What is the secret of Soylent Green? If you have to ask...

Brilliant moments in cinema history: watching Stallone, as the wronged Judge Dredd, cry "I never broke the law! I AM THE LAW!" (Bonus points for casting Rob Schneider in a non-SNL affiliated film.)

"You have a gift, Postman... you give out hope like it's candy in your pocket."