Demi Moore has carved out a niche with the 20-something men. Not only is she, uh, "dating" Ashton Kutcher, 22 year old designer Zac Posen loves her. (Luckily for Posen, he is gay, so he doesn't have to be Demi's lapdog...he just needs to give her free clothes.) In Vogue, where she is photographed with Posen (left), he says ''She's my idol, she's so sensual and strong. I loved that she took on all of those empowering roles." Apparently he cried when he first watched Ghost at age 10. Brother and, damn, Gothamist is getting old.

USA Today looks at 10 reasons why people are obsessed with Demi Moore. "Slow news days" are not one of them. But for us, we're all about slow news days, hence this post.