You might have heard that Moore has decided to take Fahrenheit 9/11 out of contention for the best documentary Oscar. We are sort of curious about the real motivation for this. It comes out of one of these camps:

A) He's going all in for the Best Film category- why bother with this little niche award, he wants it all. Supposedly him and his producer (Harvey Weinstein) are going to start campaigning for this.

B) He wants to give other documentary filmmakers the chance to have their time in the spotlight, since he won last year (puuuleesse!).

C) He wants to keep his options open for a (lucrative) TV deal prior to the November election to sway even more voters. The rule for the documentary category is that if the film is broadcast on television it becomes ineligible to win the award. This started to become an issue when the film aired on Cuban television, but since it was not an approved airing, as in the director nor the distributor gave their blessing, the Academy was willing to turn the other cheek.

We guess there is the all of the above option too.

In a statement on Moore's site, he said he was doubtful that he would get the TV exposure, but wanted to keep his options open. The film comes out on DVD October 5 with 100 minutes of extra footage for your viewing pleasure. And, of course it is still in a theater near you, the box office is currently clocking in at over $117 million.

If you're over Moore's flick, there are plenty of other films out there spouting similar rhetoric. Among those in theaters or soon to hit theaters in NYC are: The Corporation, Bush's Brain, The Control Room, Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, Uncovered: The War on Iraq and The Yes Men.