Last week, we were walking down Lafayette Street and saw this well-timed display in a store window. The store, Moonlight Graham, has locations in LA and Chicago and sells "'modern vintage' clothing" (they have licenses from different organizations and companies, including MLB and Cadbury-Schweppes.
Moonlight Graham isn't open yet - perhaps Friday - but when we peeked in, we saw lots of retro Mets gear to take advantage of Mr. Met enthusiasts. And "modern vintage" seems to mean pricey, if the prices on the website are any indication ($40 Mr. Met shirt!), but the display makes us happy.

The Daily News has a story about former Mr. Met A.J. Mass who named his son Zander Shea. The Mets are selling an authentic 1986 batting practice jacket for $224.99 online. The MTA workers are mad at the Mets. And we just learned there was, at some point, a Lady Met.