America only had 10 days of Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director. Heady days of a press secretary resignation, profane declarations about fellow White House staffers and a divorce made for the tabloids. But, now, with The Mooch on The Outs, the Long Island native can speak his mind. Kind of.

Scaramucci, who sold his hedge fund so he could work for President Donald Trump, had originally planned to hold an online media event on Friday. But, by Thursday, he thought better of it:

On Friday, he shared this cartoon:

On Saturday night, he finally weighed in on Mario Cantone's impression of him. Cantone, a fellow Long Island-born Italian-American, appeared as the Mooch twice for Comedy Central's The President Show, which had Scaramucci bidding farewell to the Oval Office. There was even "Steve Bannon," who said, "Anthony, I heard what you said about me, and what I like to do to myself... Thanks. It's one of the nicest things anyone's ever said about me."

Scaramucci invited Cantone to his restaurant, The Hunt and Fish Club, "hey @mariocantone dinner on me at @huntandfishnyc."

Unfortunately, Scaramucci directed his Tweet at a suspended account, instead of the actual Cantone, who is @macantone. Oh, Mooch!