Get ready to see a whole lot of skimpy 'staches in the coming days—Movember is nigh! The annual November-long men's cancer awareness and fundraising event is simple and fun: Men start on November 1st with a clean face and then spend the rest of the month growing the best moustache they can while persuading friends to pay for their public embarrassment (donations are accepted in general, for single 'staches, and for team efforts). After all, growing a moustache is a much easier way to raise awareness than going for a long walk or run. Stylish, too!

Movember isn't some sketchy hipster thing either (well, it is a lot hipster but it isn't sketchy). Since it started in 2004 the effort, which puts the fun back in fundraising, has grown tremendously in popularity—according to the foundation in "2010, over 64,500 US Mo Bros and Mo Sistas got on board, raising $7.5 million USD." Funds raised by Movember goes to a number of causes, including the Prostate Cancer Foundation, LiveStrong and the Global Action Plan. And it isn't all money and men's cancer, there are some fun aspects to Movember, including prizes and parties.

So if you see some men with some embarrassing peach fuzz under their noses tomorrow, don't laugh at them—cheer them on. We might even restart our stache for the occasion.