The Hipster Grifter departs and the Montauk Monster returns! It's the ebb and flow, people. Remember that rotting carcass that creeped out and simultaneously intrigued the summering set last year? Consider this the sequel. But what does another unidentifiable animal washing up on the beach mean: are the locals messing with us? Has Plum Island hired a sloppy cleaning crew? Do aliens exist? There's no time for such questions—because the official Montauk Monster website has put the fear in us: "this carcass may be carrying H1N1 influenza (The Swine Flu)...I haven’t ruled out biological warfare on this yet. A diseased carcass floating in waterways around Long Island could be infecting the water, fish, etc. We still need to remember that Plum Island is where Lyme Disease originated, it’s really not too far fetched to believe that this carcass (if from Plum Island) could be carrying bacteria or disease." Not to get all Mulder and Scully, but maybe this would be worth looking into.