Photos by Jen Carlson/Gothamist.

Artist Kylin O'Brien is painting giant monsters around town for the NYC public school kids in a collaborative effort titled The Monster Project. "Still in its early stages, the monster project is launching its first huge public creatures at the 12th Annual Art Under the Bridge Festival" this weekend. Two of the monsters in the DUMBO area are pictured above, and before you start grading--keep in mind that the creatures are, at heart, creations of kids.

These creatures are elements of children's imaginations and reflections of what they find both powerful and frightening. As neighborhood murals, they are transformed into local guardians. Kylin's work is to refine the children's drawings while being true to their vision and energy. The kids' work is already fine and poignant.

The project hopes to expand and bring more kids' monsters out from under the bed and on to neighborhood walls over the next year.