mundusfrank.jpgThe man who is credited for being the first to fish shark, putting Montauk on the map, and inspiring the character Quint in Jaws, Frank Mundus, has died. Newsday reports Mundus was 82-years-old and living in Hawaii, though frequently returned to Montauk; despite his many encounters with Great Whites, he ultimately died of complications from a heart attack. His wife says, "He wanted to be remembered as a pioneer in his sport. He was an extrovert, a straight shooter. He never held back." And Mundus's own opinion of Jaws? "It was the funniest and stupidest movie I've ever seen because too many stupid things happened in shark can pull a boat backwards at a fast speed with a light line and stern cleats that are only held in there by two bolts." He wrote his own book in 2005 called "Fifty Years a Hooker," which is a memoir of his life on the ocean.