Spalding Gray; Photo: NY Post

Maybe because Gothamist has seen Swimming to Cambodia, Monster in a Box and Gray's Anatomy, we feel the disappearance of Spalding Gray is sad. Gray's wife reported him missing, and people are worried since he has a history of depression and attempting suicide. Sometimes called the WASP Woody Allen, Gray is a writer, actor, and monologuist. His brother, Rockwell Gray, a professor at Washington University, tells the Times, "I wouldn't say he was in a happy state. [But] it wasn't unusual. He's been in a fairly depressed condition for some time." In Impossible Vacation, Spalding wrote:

I remember standing in that second-story window and looking down, wondering if I really had the courage to jump and if I did would it kill me from such a small height. I think I figured I'd just break a leg or something and end up in a cast for the rest of the summer, and that would be much better than dying because of all the attention I'd get. But then I also realized that Mom wouldn't be able to give me any attention, because she was cracking up and needed all of it for herself.

In an interview with Harvard, Gray describes a 2002 car accident in Ireland that apparently left him even more depressed.