2005_06_donkeykong.jpgGothamist loves the NY Times' Gibraltar Journal! Thanks to today's article (and to Winston Churchill), we now know that Macaque monkeys are so very similar to us. Since there are over 200 monkeys that are allowed to "free range" in Gibraltar, the monkeys have familiarized themselves with human foods and flaws. While their human neighbors are pretty unhappy with their behavior, the monkeys are notable for loving Kit Kats, ice cream cones, and shiny cameras, which means they are just like photobloggers! Even though the monkeys are vicious and possibly menacing (stealing clothes off clotheslines...biting people when they come near babies), we would love to build a macaque monkey, perhaps in Tompkins Square Park, because we're sure no one would notice.

You can visit monkeys at a few of our city's fine zoos.