Central Park monkey; Photo: Bluejake

Everyone loves seeing monkeys in zoos, and certainly their poop flinging ranks high as one of monkeys' more endearing characteristics. However, Page Six lets everyone know today that it's best to keep your cellphone away from monkey poop. Actress Elizabeth Regen on NBC's Whoopi (she plays Whoopi's white yet homegirl sister-in-law) was visiting the Central Park Zoo with her daughter when her daughter, clearly in her terrible two's, grabbed Regen's cellphone and threw it into the monkey house. Regen asked zookeepers for her cellphone back, but they refused, since the cellphone had landed in a pile of monkey feces, and those feces could pose a health hazard for Regen. The cellphone, with Regen's important numbers, was destroyed.

It's normal for monkeys to throw their poo at zoos beacuse they really don't like being locked up. And Bluejake visited the Central Park Zoo last year.