Mojo, the Helper MonkeySome problems for disabled macaque owner Steven Seidler: It seems that while he's allowed to have Darla help him, he's not allowed to take Darla outside the house, according to a judge's orders. An advocate for the disabled had helped Seidler win the right to keep Darla in his apartment, even though it's against city health codes, because Darla helps him open jars and cabinets, but the macaque had to be kept inside. Now Seidler might lose Darla, after a weekend incident where she bit a boy at a Key Food. The NY Post interviews a now-8-year-old alleged victim of Darla's sharp teeth (Gothamist thinks the Daily News refers to this as an unfounded complaint), who says, "It was very painful. He just ripped the skin off. After that, I was afraid to go outside. I hate monkeys now. There should be no monkeys in the world." The Post also has a photograph of Darla looking out Seidler's window as well as a quote from Bronx Zoo primates curator Colleen McCann ("It is inappropriate to take a macaque into the cereal aisle").

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