One of Gothamist's favorite actors AND Park Slope residents, John Turturro, (who else can play Hispanic, Italian, Jewish, crazy, etc) will be appearing on the amusing USA Networks comedy, Monk. Turturro will play the brother of main character Adrian Monk, who is brilliantly played by Tony Shalhoub. The Post reports that the brother, Ambrose Monk, will be an agoraphobe, to Adrian's OCD detective. Gothamist doesn't know if it's making light of neuroses or the police procedural part of Monk that we like best, but when you have Amy Sedaris guest star as Bitty Schram's Sharona's sister, how can you go wrong?

The new season of Monk begins on January 16 on USA; Turturro's episode will air on January 23. Gothamist also saw Turturro and Shalhoub share the stage in the Classic Stage Company's Waiting for Godot; Turturro's son Amedeo had a bit part in it but is better known as the young Richie Tenebaum in The Royal Tenenbaums.