monica.jpg With war and terrorism plaguing the Bush administration, sometimes Gothamist can’t help but long for the good old days when presidential scandals and morality hinged on things like Whitewater and stained blue dresses. It’s been a while since the Clinton Administration, but the people behind Monica! The Musical are hoping that you still want to know the real story behind the most famous intern that ever was. Satirizing both the presidential scandal and musical theatre with songs like “We’re Freaky Deaky and We’re Falling in Love” and “Tom Jones’ London” (yes, the Tom Jones), Monica! The Musical acknowledges the fact that it’s unlikely that anyone in the West Wing actually spoke in rhyming couplets but it’s what is at the core of the story that matters.

Monica! The Musical is produced by Page 73 Productions and is at the Mint Theater from May 20-27. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at Theater Mania.

sketchfest.jpgAlso this week, advance tickets for the Sketch Fest NYC go on sale.

This weekend long event takes place June 9-11 and features 19 groups from San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and pretty much every other metropolis in the US. A festival pass for the entire weekend is $125, day passes and tickets to individual shows are also available. Local performers involved in the festival include Gameface, Elephant Larry and Fearsome, all of whom Gothamist has seen and can vouch for their hilarity. If you want to be able to say you saw these future comedy stars before they had addictions and require spiritual retreats, we suggest you check them out.