2007_05_arts_roachring.jpgA museum in Texas is looking for cockroaches...and they're offering money. They need about 1,000 "American cockroaches" in order to fill an exhibit "about the wonders of insects that eat decomposing things." Many similar private exhibits are undoubtedly taking place at this very moment in apartments across Manhattan. Reuters reports:

They will be part of an exhibit polishing the image of bugs that feed off decaying organic matter and in so doing add to the general cleanliness.

"They're decomposers, a bit like a trash disposal," Pierrel said. "If we didn't have cockroaches, there'd be so much more trash around."

Roaches are widely believed to be dirty, disease-carrying creatures, but that is unfair, she said.

"They are very clean like a cat," Pierrel said. "They clean themselves all day."

We're not buying in to the whole cockroaches are clean and good to have around thing, but we're betting it's only a matter of time before they're "the new buck."