2006_1_momus1.jpgMomus, one of our favorite almost-famous rockers from the mid-1990s, has lately been blogging up a storm on Livejournal. He's been living outside NYC, but has been planning to return. Only one problem: he needs a place to stay:

As I've mentioned, I'll be spending March to May of this year in New York City, performing the role of an "unreliable tour guide" daily at the Whitney Biennial. Today I just want to ask if any of you know of a room I could sublet in New York for three months. I have a budget for rent, and my only requirements really are that there should be broadband wifi (which I can also help pay for) and that it should be in Manhattan.

If we were Momus, we'd be worried about living downtown, because people could get him confused for Moby, another bald rocker, and attack him for closing down Teany! Anyway, back to the story: a few hours later, good news! Momus seems to have found a place:

Anyway, it looks like I've found a place; a 6000 sq ft warehouse in East Williamsburg, just next to the Grand St stop on the L train. Not Manhattan, but otherwise perfect.

Honestly, Momus seems perfect for Billyburg, what with the eyepatch and all. If you spot him coming off the train at Grand Street, say hello! [Related: some free audio from Momus' website.]