Urban Outfitters rarely pleases anyone outside of its tween-through-twenty-something customer base. And isn't that the point? These clothes were made for slamming the door in your stepmom's face, and at press time it seems they've gone back to their roots of pissing of the parents. (They took a brief hiatus from this business plan when they dedicated their time to offending the Navajo nation.)

The company has now released a line of shirts that promote drinking alcohol, which read: "I Drink You're Cute," "I Vote for Vodka," "USA Drinking Team," and the most sullen of them all: "Misery Love Alcohol" (if your son or daughter picks that one it's probably time to lock the liquor cabinet). According to the Daily News, parents are unhappy with the shirts because they place alcohol on the high pedestal upon which it belongs.

Jan Withers, national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), told the paper, "As a mother, these shirts are not acceptable for children under the age of 21." And of course, no one over the age of 21 should wear them either, because grown adults don't wear slogan-clad shirts, sweetie, we let people know we drink by publicly making a series of bad decisions and coming into work with bags under our eyes bigger than Bukowski could have ever dreamed. Or sometimes in alone in private, whatever! Either way we do this while wearing adult clothes without words on it. But this is about you, and Withers says Urban Outfitters is "targeting" you and "sending the message that it’s cool to drink."

The company hasn't commented on the shirts at this time, but we're gonna give 'em until we tap out our "Fuck My Liver" flask until we call again.