2006_04_nyprhodrse2.jpgSometimes we really love it when the Daily News goes back to old stories. For instance, remember back in February when a Police horse got "spooked," ran a red light and crashed into a car and an SUV? After the accident it was clear that both the officer and the horse were going to make a full recovery and that the officer would be back on duty soon enough, but what of Ferguson the horse?

And now we know. "Ferrguson's living the good life as a lawn ornament - no work, just pure retirement," a police source said. And where is he retired? On a farm owned by Whoopi Goldberg, of course.

Retired NYPD horses used to be sent to a farm upstate, but that deal was canceled after it was revealed that the owner of the farm was making the horses work to earn their keep. And so the NYPD has been seeking other places to send their steeds. Goldberg's farm, which agreed to the departments conditions, seems to be one of them. Ferguson and another retired horse should never have to work another day in their lives. That's one sweet retirement package.

Insane statue outside the NYPD Mounted Horse Unit Headquarters from Triborough via Contribute