118946734_68267d85a6_m.jpgAh, spring... time to clean out the closets, put away the winter duvet and, yes, time to stow away that black bag and bring on the color. This spring, it is all about color and pattern. And size definitely matters. While those teeny tiny clutches can be cute, Gothamist needs the cavernous capabilities of a serious tote. Okay, with all the bag snatching going on, you may be better off with a clutch. For many of us though, that just isn't convenient. Lucky for us, big bags are in!

When it comes to spring runway fashion, black is black again, yay! Donna Karan and Gucci provided great examples of clothing in bold black and white prints. Gothamist loves the contrast of the black and white paired with a vibrantly colored bag. Kate Spade's fabric bags are always fun. Then again, if you have plenty of cash to burn and feel you should be at least as pampered as Jessica Simpson's dog, there's Louis Vuitton. Their silk and crocodile scarf bag has been all over the place; it had its own close-up in In Style.

Gothamist recently found the lesser known A+N bags and was excited about their nylon canvas bags in lots of fun colors. A bag that can fit all our junk and is subway grime friendly is right up our alley. Not to mention that all their bags are home grown here in New York. Their Ava has been a popular spring/summer tote. Their VIctoria and Carmen bags are new for this season, but look promising.

Or do something truly unique and design your own tote.

No matter how much we choose to lug around these days (maltese puppies, laptops and sneakers included), Gothamist is doing it in style, tossing the backpack in favor of something a bit flashier. And we'll be sure to keep our eyes on it at all times.

Photograph by Djuliet on Flickr