mnemosine.jpgNow that Manhattan is Modern again (whew!), it's time to go back to the movies at MoMA. With one of the best collection of prints anywhere and the cultural cache to draw the brightest in new art cinema and video, Gothamist can't wait to hunker down in their new screening space for a viewing. The Premieres schedule is packed with delightful offerings — brand new stuff like Hotel Rwanda and oldies but goodies such as Luchino Visconti's Sandra or Luis Bunuel's Diary of a Chambermaid.

Screening tomorrow at 5 pm and on Saturday at 5:30 pm is a recent Jean-Luc Godard film, Moments choisis des Histoire(s) du cinéma (pictured), his 85 minute version of the 5 hour epic video to world cinema, Histoire(s) du cinéma. As a film critic and polemicist, Godard loves film even as he critiques it and seeing his movies, even when you aren't completely swayed by his politics is sure to reinvigorate your excitement for film.

J Hoberman in his review of Godard's other new release Notre Musique in the Village Voice, has this to say about Moments: "The artist merges film and video as well as painting and cinema. Earnest stars rush the camera amid a flickering thaumascope effect. Moments might be an Oscar-night clip-fest doc transmitted from an unknown galaxy." Sounds intriguing, no?

Any MoMA screening no matter the venue is sure to bring out the New York movie-going crazies. Rustling papers, getting up to exit noisily during shocking scenes, and general weirdness are hallmarks of the MoMA Film habitudes. Your favorite encounter?