2005_12_artsPixargallery.jpg Starting tonight through February 6, the MOMA presents a Pixar (Toy Story, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo) Animation Art retrospective in honor of the studio’s 20th anniversary. The film classics and rarely-seen shorts are to accompany Pixar: 20 Years of Animation – the most extensive animation gallery MOMA ever presented – which will feature interactive kiosks and over 500 works of original art, including early Edna Mode sketches, concept pieces, 35mm prints film prints, sculptures, and digital installations. In addition, the NYTimes reports that a giant zoetrope, roughly eight feet in diameter, will create the illusion of Toy Story characters moving in three-dimensional space and a MOMA curator commented that "there are a lot of references to traditional art, classic art, even recent pop art in the works... we haven't put surrealist pieces of art from the '20s next to 'Monsters, Inc.,' but it has a lot of surrealism in it. 'The Incredibles' has a lot of deco kind of stuff in it."

Gothamist loves all things Pixar (c'mon, Buzz Lightyear deserves to hang in a museum), so we’ll definitely be attending tonight’s screening series which will showcase Toy Story and several shorts.