The first retrospective of photographer Christopher Williams' work is coming to MoMA later this month. The show, titled The Production Line of Happiness, will run through November 2nd and will span his 35-year career of one of "the most influential cinephilic artist working in photography."

"For the title of this exhibition, Williams has taken a line from a documentary by French director Jean-Luc Godard, in which an amateur filmmaker compares his daily job as a factory worker with his hobby of editing his films of the Swiss countryside as 'the production line of happiness.' In Williams’s hands the phrase appears to refer broadly to the function of much photography in today’s consumer culture, in which it not only pictures but also produces so many experiences and objects to be consumed."

The exhibition will include about 100 photographs "that examine the history of photography within the larger context of image production," as well as architectural interventions, and little-seen Super-8 shorts. Click through for a preview.