Reader Neil spotted a MoMA "installation" going up at the Atlantic stop in Brooklyn yesterday, saying posters like the above are filling up "every space in the station." It turns out that the museum is pulling all the stops for the expected plummet in tourism this year, and are targeting locals to come visit instead.

Crain's reports that starting February 10th, "MoMA will take over all the media space in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue subway station to install a kind of satellite exhibition of highlights from its permanent collection. Commuters will see reproductions of 58 iconic works like Claude Monet’s Water Lillies and Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. They will be able to dial numbers on their cell phones to get information on the artists and paintings, similar to audio guides at museums. A new Web site will offer information as well." Wonder what the Brooklyn Museum thinks of all this (recently the HOB bus attempted to get Manhattanites to visit Brooklyn's cultural spots).

On top of reaching out to New Yorkers, the museum is extending its hours to 8:45 p.m. one Monday per month. Themes will be given to each of those Mondays, with the first (on the 9th) being Valentine's Day—the night will include "a professional photographer on hand to take pictures of couples, and a bar selling Love Potion Number 9 cocktails."