We'd pay 25 bucks for this. (Photo via Suzun's flickr)

The Museum of Modern Art just announced that they would be raising admission in September, so if you want to see priceless works of art before the price goes up, the clock is ticking. The fee is currently $20 for adults, and will go up a full 5 bucks come September 1st—in addition, it will be $18 for senior citizens 65 and older, and $14 for students (though children 16 and under will still get in for free). MoMA sent out a release this morning saying:

Since the last increase in admission prices, in 2004, the Museum has faced escalating costs in virtually all aspects of operating the Museum. As a private, non-profit institution that does not seek government funding for general operations, MoMA depends to a significant extent on earned revenue.

Tickets ordered online, however, will be just $22.50/$16/$12, with no service charges, and you'll still be able to get in for free every Friday from 4 to 8 p.m.

Earlier this year The Met raised their suggested donation to $25 as well... though 67% of our readers polled said they only paid $0 to $5.