Twitter is good for many good things, including breaking news and destroying your political career by accidentally tweeting photos of your junk. It is also great at keeping TV alive. After all, on Twitter UPN still exists and the Enterprise is still boldly going well into its season eight. But in the last 24 hours a new Twitter account has surfaced to put those classics to shame. Ever what would happen if Seinfeld were still on today? Yada, yada, yada, here you go.

The creation of BuzzFeed's sports editor Jack Moore and comedian Josh Gondelman the barely day-old feed is pure genius (and puts that Game of Thrones/Seinfeld mashup to shame). For example:

"People always say that 'if they had cell phones Seinfeld couldn't exist,'" Moore told the Atlantic. "Which is true for a certain type of Seinfeld episode, but not as a general rule (which I think the account shows)." Indeed! Curb Your Enthusiasm's Seinfeld season already proved that that if Seinfeld wanted to come back for another season it could work. Now we actually kind of want it to?