John Allan's customer getting done up; Photo - NY TimesAfter reading about Rosecrans Baldwin's visit to the Elizabeth Arden Salon & Spa, Gothamist wonders what he would make of John Allan's, a midtown and downtown men's salon that has haircuts, shaves, massages, manicures, and a generally clubby atmosphere (pool table, beer, etc.). The Times visited it a couple weeks ago, calling it "part old-time, men-only gathering spot, and part newfangled grooming shop for the 21st-century fop." And nowhere does the article use the M-word at all, though. As Rosecrans went to Elizabeth Arden armed with a gift certificate, a friend went to John Allan's under gift auspices as well. Note to well-meaning girlfriends, wives, parents, in-laws, and friends: Make a man wear even clear polish and he'll flinch.

John Allan's offers "Scalp Massaging Shampoo, Conditioning Treatment, Hot Towel, Expert Haircut from a JA-trained staff member, Manicure, Shoeshine, and Beverage" in their Full Service package, not to mention a full line of grooming products; let that be warning for some with trendy boyfriends - their boyfriends may be duped into buying all the product and will horn in on precious bathroom shelf space.