Brooklyn Law School is accusing Diesel clothing of duping them into using their library for a racy photo shoot. The school claims the company said they would use the library for a tasteful jeans ad, but soon found out the photos contained models in their underwear writhing on top of their desks with underwear reading, "Tonight, I am your student." "I thought the ad was disgusting," said Jordan Hersch, 22, a first-year student. "For a law institution to have people in their underwear where we study and work is unbecoming of a law institution." But for us to deny our readers the photo evidence would be even more unbecoming, so check 'em out above.

The school said in a statement, “When we gave Diesel jeans permission to do a photo shoot, we understood that jeans, and not what is worn under them, would be the subject of the shoot. We would not want to create the impression that the featured attire was approved by us." However, CBS paints a different story of the student reaction, and say most of the kids they talked to found the shoot amusing. “Well it is a very sexy library I have to say," said one.

Brooklyn Law events director Chris Gibbons was reportedly in the library while the shoot was going on, though it's unclear whether or not he tried to stop the racy shoot. The photos are currently on Diesel's website, showcasing their F/W 2010 collection. Another student said it's just "bizarre to think you’re sitting at a table where some of this stuff went down." As if worse hasn't already happened.