Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover of Vogue, and Emily Sandberg on the cover of Vogue

A supermodel says that Sarah Jessica Parker is no fashion icon, and... it's a little confusing. Emily Sandberg wrote a takedown of the actress on her blog, noting that Patricia Field deserves the fashion icon badge, not SJP. But since Anna Wintour is placing the actress on the cover of Vogue, it gives her the worldwide fashion icon status. But people know celebrities don't dress themselves, right? And people know who Patricia Field is, right? And this is just how these things work, right? Celebrities get to play dress up with tons of cash, models get to play dress up with less cash, and they all get to make the rest of us feel terrible about our lives by creating this unrealistic fantasy world.

Sandberg's real problem seems to be that celebrities are taking jobs away from models. She would like for companies to stop using their entire advertising budgets to place celebrities in their campaigns, and instead pay models. She writes:

Remember when [SJP] did the exclusive $38 million multi-season artistic director contract for Gap? Remember the financial disaster that ensued and how quickly Gap dropped her? Remember how Gap had to go back to using and paying supermodels 1/10th of their day rate to reshoot that season's White Jean campaign because Sarah had been given the majority of the advertising budget? The brand returned to it's good financial standing because of this move. Models bailing out celebrities again. Isn't it time to start paying models and stop wasting money chasing after US Weekly dollars?

The rant continues, and Sandberg says calling a celebrity a fashion icon is "a complete lie... the only thing they've done to deserve the title is fit into the sample size of a dress a stylist picked off a runway." Sort of like... models!