2005_06_artsmocca.jpgWe hate to admit it, but when we were younger we were very judgmental about comics as an art form. We mocked and ridiculed our friends who were into them. We used judging words like "star trek" and "virgin." We utterly refused even to pick up a comic to see what all the fuss was about. In short, we were very very stupid.

Luckily we've seen the error of our ways since then and now most certainly them. So whether you are a die hard comic book store troller or a skeptical neophyte, we recommend checking out the MoCCA (The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) Art Festival.

The festival will take place today and tomorrow at the Puck Building and will feature artists such as Jessica Abel, Neal Adams, Becky Cloonan, Dan Clowes, Sarah Dyer, Jim Mahfood, Patrick McDonnell, Francoise Mouly, Bill Plympton, and Adriane Tomine. A full schedule of events and discussions can be found at the festival's website.