Lower East Side resident and musician, Moby, is looking for some youths to be in his new video. One Louder reported the details, namely that the video will be filming tomorrow in NYC and the participants must be 18-25 years old and available for six hours (the interest can email mobyvideo@hotmail.com). One Louder adds:

I found this out on NME.com. Their article points out that Moby will be releasing three albums this year. Yes, three new Moby albums. "Lift Me Up" will be on the first album, entitled Hotel.

NME also points out Hotel will be his first album without vocal samples. I guess he ran out of old gospel LPs to steal from.

Ha! On a very early MTV Cribs episode, they visit Moby's pad, and he complains about no celebrities ever show books, so he shows his bookshelves. Well, Gothamist caught a repeat of the disgustingly decadent Russell and Kimora Simmons Cribs episode where the only books that are referred to are their babies' book - so there!

More at Moby.com. If you happen to be part of the video, let Gothamist know if teany goodies are served. [Via reader Jason, thanks]