2005_07_ARTSMOPITKINS.jpgSo we know that David Cross and Co. have bought the bar "Eleven" on Orchard Street, it was only inevitable that younger, more energetic comedian Jimmy Fallon has beat him to the punch by already opening the doors to his very own performance space: Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction [as reported on the Apiary]. Okay maybe he's not more energetic, we don't know, we're basing this on the fact that Fallon danced a lot at the Scissor Sisters show last week. Cross, on the other hand, usually stands disaffectedly in the crowd at shows, blending nicely with the rest of the jaded music fans in this city.

We went by this Mo Pitkin's place the other day. Our first reaction was that they picked a nice font for the sign. Both it and Cross' new bar are advertised as "performance spaces" promising music, comedy, performance art and more. Only one, however, promises crab stuffed deviled eggs. And only one (the one without the deviled eggs) has Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. as a co-owner.

This week comedians Bob Powers and Todd Levin grace the new Pitkin's stage with How To Kick People: To The Max!! Check it out on Wednesday at 7:30pm. Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction is located at 34 Avenue A between 2nd and 3rd Sts]. Ticket price is $8. We'll keep you updated on when the yet-to-be-named Cross bar opens.