Saturday Night Live has had some serious problems trying to make presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney funny—after all, he has the personality of a saltine cracker in a glass of room-temperature water. So SNL has decided to go straight to the source: executive producer Lorne Michaels told the Times that he has offered Romney the hosting gig on SNL, and Romney is considering it. Because Romney has such a deft hand with comedy.

The casting scoop was reported by Maureen Dowd, in an op-ed all about how much SNL wishes Sarah Palin was running for president instead of Romney. “I don’t think it’s going to be as much fun as 2000 and 2008,” said SNL writer and satirist Jim Downey. "I wish there could be a crazy brokered convention with someone we’ve never heard of to keep it fresh. But you don’t get a gift like Sarah Palin very often, and I’m sure it’ll never happen again.

The writers have been stuck desperately trying to convince themselves there are funny things about Romney: “There’s a creepy youth minister kind of squareness to him, especially combined with that goofy eagerness to please,” said Downey. Seth Meyers thinks it's funny Romney has grown children. Read that again: the head writer of SNL thinks one of the funniest things about Romney is that his children are adults.

While writers twiddle their thumbs hoping "disconnected salesman" Romney grows a personality and takes one of the two open hosting slots left for this season, they announced another surprise host: Giants QB Eli Manning will host on May 5th. We don't think we'd be going out on a limb assuming there'll be skits making fun of the Jets and Tim Tebow, and a whole lot of Manningface. Maybe we'll even get a sequel to brother Peyton Manning's classic "United Way' sketch: