The NY Post puts its reporters' nerves to the test: On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, they needed to "Buy a women's cashmere sweater and a pair of men's slippers. Get them gift-wrapped. Then return them." finding out how easy or hard it is to shop at high-end, moderate and discount stores. The Post rated variety of products, line length, customer service, bathroom cleanliness, and more. Overall, the reporters all survived and managed to complete the tasks, plus "high–end stores with low–end bathrooms and discount stores with great staff." Bergdorf's gets the highest marks for high–end, Lord & Taylor for moderate, and Century 21 for discount. Some highlights:
–Saks (the overall experience was given 3.5 stars) bathrooms are "Very clean, very busy. A little stinky but cleaning staff always on hand."
–Lord & Taylor (3.5 stars) had a gift wrapping clerk "inexplicably disappear for 39 minutes."
–Avoid the bathrooms at Daffy's (2 stars).