2006_02_sunnydog.jpgThe missing dog show whippet who escaped from her cage at JFK may have been spotted. The tipster thinks that Vivi is hanging out at a construction site near South Conduit and 145th Avenue in Queens. Let's hope she is found. And the NY Times looks at the dogs that are routinely left at JFK. It's really sad to know that people will just abandon a dog at the airport or refuse to pay for its shots in order to travel with their pet, but it's great to know that there is a pound set up at the airport to deal with these issues. Bobbi Giordano runs her no-kill animal rescus shelter at JFK's Cargo Area C - it's called Bobbi and the Strays.

But for Ms. Giordano and her workers, Vivi is merely the airport's fourth lost dog this month.

"We feel terrible about this show dog, but honestly, lost dogs are nothing new to us here," Ms. Giordano said yesterday. "In fact, it's the reason we set up here in the first place."

Ms. Giordano's modest shelter has 25 dogs in its care, most of which were found in or around the airport, which she calls something of a catch basin for stray or unwanted dogs. Some, like Vivi, were being shipped and were either found in their crates or wandering around. In such a case, the airline usually puts out urgent notices, and when found, the dog is returned.

Aw. We suspect that you could probably find some amazing pets to adopt there.

Photograph of Sunny, one of the dogs left at Bobbi & The Strays after Hurricane Katrina; she is available for adoption!