The ultra-rare grey-hooded seagull that had bird watchers all worked up at Coney Island a few weeks back has gone missing! And lest you think it just did what birds do and, uh, flew away, it's not that simple.

“People are looking all the way up and down the Atlantic seaboard for it,” the National Audubon Society’s Greg Butcher told the Brooklyn Paper. The bird was nicknamed Sea-Lo by birdwatching zealots, who clearly did not consult with the old Coney Island freak yearbook before settling on that name. Naturalists still don't know how the bird, which breeds mainly in South America and Africa, got to Coney Island. If it escaped from a zoo or a personal home, or came to New York on a ship, the American Birding Association won't accept it as an official sighting.

Where could Sea-Lo have gone? “There are cases where a rare bird vanishes for a week or two and then reappears — but it is just as likely we’ll never hear from this bird again, disappearing into nothingness," said Butcher. Our guess? The Bermuda Triangle.