H&M fans will be cutting themselves over this one: The Misshapes Clothing Line. We were just doing some light reading, when we came across the following:

MisShapes Getting Their Own H&M Line?

I was just eating brunch with a New York friend of mine in Glendale and he told me that the MisShapes are getting their own line at H&M! Apparently it will be their name on the line but designed by Benjamin Cho and Josh Madden. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

A while back there were hints at a possible line, though no one seemed to know where. Now we have so many questions! Like will The Misshapes buy clothes from their own line? What's with all the black? Why is Josh Madden the only Madden brother not in Good Charlotte? And if everyone is dressing like them, what will happen to Blue States Lose?

So perhaps The Misshapes are less like Warhol's scene and more like Warhol's art - commercialization dominating society.

Photo via Razor Apple