2006_12_taranoth.jpgWest Chelsea can do no right, as now Miss USA Tara Conner is getting raked over the coals over her partying. Yesterday, TMZ reported pageant officials and NBC met to discuss Conner's status as Miss USA, given "alleged incidents of her inappropriate behavior, including her conduct at New York City bars." And by inappropriate, they mean underaging drinking at clubs downtown, alleged substance abuse, and missing Miss USA appearances, as Conner is only 20 years old. While Donald Trump, who co-owns the pageants (the winners of Miss USA, as well as Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe, live at Trump Place on the Upper West Side), said that officials were evaluating Conner's situation as she's "going through some personal problems and difficulties right now which could affect her ability to reign," she's still Miss USA.

While Conner's friends and family are standing by her, one person told the Post her partying "makes Paris Hilton look like a baby." (Yeah, but until you throw in a sex tape, relationships with shipping heirs, some pantie-less pictures, and about a million instances of stupidity documented by the paparazzi, Conner's still not in Paris's league.) It remains to be seen if Miss USA is another nail in West Chelsea's coffin.

If you look at the photographs of A Year in the Life of Miss USA, you can see pictures of Tara at all her appearances, where she gets to meet veteran partiers like Derek Jeter and Chris Noth. (Maybe they're the bad influence!) And we have a soft spot in our heart for Conner after seeing her on Project Runway, where she seemed cute as a button as designers worked to create a Miss Universe gown for her. Of course, we were compelled to watch the Miss Universe pageant., where she just seemed terribly unprepared and gave a lame, superficial answer that probably sunk her chances to win the crown.