2008_07_missbklyn.jpgThe Brooklyn Paper takes an awkwardly close look at Miss New York's "most recognizable assets," and declares, "They're spectacular — and they're real." 22-year-old Leigh-Taylor Smith won the title of Miss Brooklyn, somewhat controversially, before donning the Miss New York crown. She'll be competing for the Miss America title in January, but before that happens she cleared up any rumors that she had been surgically enhanced. One Brooklyn Paper reader said he still had his doubts, and that "they're too perfect. If she told me she could fly, I would believe her [more]." Another passerby during a recent photoshoot observed and decided "they're fake." On a less creepy note, the Paper also reports that "Smith will participate in an eight-episode reality show with the 51 other Miss America contestants" -- where anyone with basic cable can pass judgment. For now, here's a photo of her strutting down the runway in a two-piece.