Media boo-boos:

2003_9_valenti.jpg1) The New York Times got the Motion Picture Association of America (the people who bring you stupid ratings for movies, headed by scary Jack Valenti) mixed up with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the people who bring you the Oscars). The story about how studios are trying to curb piracy by not distributing "for your consideration" Oscar screener DVDS mistakenly called Jack Valenti the head of the "Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences," an organization that doesn't exist. But apparently many though that meant he was the head of AMPAS, which made AMPAS freak out from the realm of neutrality (who to support - the studios who makes films or the Academy members who want easy ways to see them) and issue the statement, "The Academy has absolutely nothing to do with studio 'screeners.'" The Times says reporter Anne Thompson got it right, but that the copy desk was at fault. It's always the copy desk, isn't it? Oh, yeah, and along with some others, Gothamist really hates Jack Valenti. [Via Variety]

2003_9_choire.jpg2) The Philadelphia Inquirer, trying to be all cutting edge about New York gossip media, made the grand mistake Gawker editor Choire Sicha's analysis of Lloyd Grove's new Daily News gossip column as the work of Elizabeth Spiers. So Choire helpfully gives his bio for not just silly Philly writer Beth Gillin (and her copy desk), but for all of us. And Gothamist would like to add, that's why we rather be here than Philadelphia (W.C. Fields, by way of Agent Dale Cooper).