Remember when Corey Feldman was in that stage of his life where he would dress up and dance like Michael Jackson for some reason? That was not a phase, it is still happening.

Most recently he performed for a NY-Penn minor league baseball team, the State College Spikes, who have now issued a formal apology for anyone who had to witness the performance. In their statement, they wrote:

“The State College Spikes would like to apologize to our fans for Corey Feldman’s appearance last night at Medlar Field at Lubrano Park. While the nature of the appearance was not what we had anticipated for the evening, we would like to apologize to all fans who may have been offended by its content. We would also like to apologize to our fans for the appearance being so far below expectations. We at the Spikes thank you for your support, and we pledge to present the best entertainment each and every night for the remainder of the 2015 season and beyond."

But let's be real: this was not offensive. It was likely a more amusing sideshow than one would typically witness at a minor league ballgame. Sure, Feldman was literally the only one who seemed into it, with even the angels he hired as back-up dancers looking sedated, but you gotta respect his follow-through.


Some of those who were in attendance seem confused by the apology. One Amy Swauger declared on Facebook:

"I was there. I was not offended by anything. Yes, the girls were scantily clad. I anticipated that. The sound issues were a little disappointing, but to be expected when not at a concert. I thought the meet and greet went smoothly. I only waited in line for about 30 minutes and was pleased to meet Corey. He was polite, actually took time to talk to people and seemed very genuine. It was honestly an amazing experience."

Others believe the Spikes "should apologize to Feldman for the crappy equipment they hooked his band up with." To put this in sports terminology: Corey 1, Spikes 0.

And Corey Feldman performing as Michael Jackson in sports venues is nothing new—just look back to 1989. He's just keeping true to his brand, man.

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