A rendering

With the great digital vs. print debate ramping up in light of the rising popularity of e-books, writers and literature lovers alike have expressed concern that this new technology will be the downfall of us all. Leon Reid IV, the Brooklyn based artist who used a Kickstarter campaign to bring George Washington the Tourist to Union Square last summer, and recently announced big plans to hang a 60 foot spider from the Brooklyn Bridge, is out to bring the bound book back to the forefront with his and documentary film producer Julia Marchesi's newest interactive public art project, the Hundred Story House.

Also seeking funds through Kickstarter, Reid and Marchesi aim to create a community lending library by placing a miniature Brooklyn brownstone on Clinton Street in Cobble Hill. The brownstone's windows will open up to shelves holding around a hundred books which visitors can borrow on a take-a-book leave-a-book honor system. They hope the installation will "celebrate the book as a physical object, and the pleasure of holding one in your hand," as well as honor Brooklyn's vibrant literary community.

The campaign requires at least $13,000 in pledged donations by March 2nd, with costs covering materials, fabrication, transportation, installation, maintenance, removal, documentation, insurance, and permit fees. The installation is planned for this spring, and you can donate right here... though it may be worth noting that some people have done this without $13,000.