The vacant lots of Bushwick are, according to Bushwick BK, both a scar from '70s and '80s as well as an opportunity for rebirth in the neighborhood. In an effort to give one of these lots a new lease on life, a mini-golf course called The Putting Lot will be sprouting up later this month.

Two of the organizers of the course, Gabriel Fries-Briggs and Rachel Himmelfarb, were inspired by a mini-golf course from childhood just outside of the city, as well as the lack of affordable recreational activities within the five boroughs. They have hopes that the space will examine "the relevance of empty space in the city." As for the overall appearance, just as the Figment mini-golf course does each year on Governors Island, the holes will be designed by artists. The 9 designs will have an urban sustainability theme, and Himmelfarb sheds some light on what their vision is, exactly. She explains, "a golfer will putt along the drainpipe of a sinking house instead of through a windmill or through a run down bodega filled with street art instead of a volcano.” Somewhere in between a PBR windmill and the standard last hole clown mouth.

Opening day is May 30th, and the exact location isn't being released just yet (though it's about one block off the Jefferson L stop). Tickets will cost just $5 for adults and $3 for kids.