Are you under 26, have access to the Internet and somewhat functional hearing? This may be "relevant" to your "interests" or "whatever": As part of their "Free Fridays" series, the NY Philharmonic releases 100 tickets to their performances at Avery Fischer Hall. Sure, you could spend another Friday night getting stoned and rewatching Broad City, OR you could experience a timeless orchestral masterpiece for free (and still probably be back in Bushwick before the L stops running at 11:45 "hashtag FML").

To score the free tickets, you first must have been born after the Reagan administration and think hipsters who hit on you by saying they saw the first Lollapalooza with Jane's Addiction are "creepy." These tickets are released online "around" noon on the Monday before each Free Friday performance, so unfortunately you're too late for Verdi's Requiem this weekend. (There are still some tickets on sale.) But if you log onto the Philharmonic website next Monday, January 19th, you'll have your shot at a free ticket to Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 4 and Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony. Here's a taste, courtesy Leonard Bernstein:

You'll find the rest of the Philharmonic's Free Fridays schedule here. This is one of the greatest orchestras in the world and it's just a subway ride away—take advantage of it!