(Courtesy of the Gothamist Photoshop Dept.)

This year's biggest controversial-but-really-not-controversial star, Miley Cyrus, will help us ring in 2014 like a wrecking ball, or whatever. Bring yer Molly! (Don't bring Molly. Or alcohol. Or backpacks.) The 21-year-old announced the news on Twitter:

But Ryan Seacrest was the first to announce Cyrus's appearance at this year's "Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve" on Jimmy Kimmel's show—"We just added Miley Cyrus to be in Times Square right before the ball drops. We try to look for the artist that's created a lot of buzz and had a really big year." Sorry Kanye, the congregated plebians just wouldn't have been able to handle your genius.