Miley Cyrus, who aspires to more in life than being a simple "pop pop dumb dumb," is debuting a collection of artwork entitled "Dirty Hippie" in designer Jeremy Scott’s Fashion Week show tomorrow, which makes perfect sense. V Magazine spoke with Cyrus about this art, and if you're afflicted with synesthesia you will understand the art inherently without seeing it. Is the interview the art or is the vibrator with the joint glued to it the art? Are you the art? Am I the art? Here are some excerpts spliced with text from Sylvia Plath's The Snowman on the Moor.

Stalemated their armies stood, with tottering banners

She flung from a room

So that’s why I put it on the dick with a bunch of babies, and it says, “Fuck"

Still ringing with bruit of insults and dishonors

There are drugs in that, and then there’s a blunt

And in fury left him

It’s a disposable, but when you take the picture it makes it look like you have a unicorn head, so when it prints out—it’s cool

I’m figuring out the strap now because I’ve done it so many different ways, and it keeps being too heavy and stabbing people

Glowering at the coal-fire: ‘Come find me’—her last taunt.

He did not come

At first this was just this, and then I had this in my hair one day and was like, Fuck it, I think it needs it.

Everything just kept shitting on me and shitting on me

Across moor snows

So then I started taking all of those shit things and making them good, and being like, I’m using it

I enrolled in a CGI class

Let him send police and hounds to bring her in.

It was much weirder when I started doing it while I was sober

Nursing her rage

Through bare whistling heather, over stiles of black stone,

To the world's white edge

This fucking banana was a hamster toy at Petco and I Bedazzled it

She came, and called hell to subdue an unruly man

Todd kind of did that for me, turning me into an adult baby

They say money can’t buy happiness and it’s totally true. Money can buy you a bunch of shit to glue to a bunch of other shit that will make you happy.

She shied sideways: a white fizz! and the giant, pursuing,

Crumbled to smoke.